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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

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One new video every week. The OPEN FLAMENCO PROJECT with Maria Vega is live now!! The aim of my project is to give online quality content about Flamenco and Spanish dance for all levels of expertise. I truly believe in sharing knowledge, spreading the love for what I do and creating an open community online.

Here is some content you will find very soon, there will be much more!!

What are castanets and how to master the art of playing them?

How to choose your perfect Flamenco shoes?

What is a flamenco shawl and my foolproof tips to make the most of your practice.

How to dance with a hand fan in an easy and entertaining way?

How to keep a correct and healthy posture when doing your flamenco footwork?

How to move your hands, arms, foot in Flamenco?

How to wear your accessories and costumes in style?

All about rhythm and clapping and the "Palos" of Flamenco explained in an easy way. This and much more will be posted on my channel every single week and of course all absolutely free!!

Please join me in this new adventure, after being a professional dancer and choreographer for more than 20 years, I'm really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and insider tips with you!! See you soon,

Love Maria xx

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