Join me in a series of monthly intensive workshops with a different theme in every class.

You will enjoy a comprehensive flamenco class, exploring technique and choreography including footwork, hips, shoulders, arms and hands movement, clapping on flamenco rhythm, choreography and a special focus on truly understanding the different flamenco styles (“Palos del flamenco”).

LEVELS: (Don’t worry if you are not too sure about it. After the first class, I can give you my advice on the most suitable level for you).


  • BEGINNERS: 10-11 A.M

  • INTERMEDIATE: 11 A.M-12:30 P.M

  • ADVANCED:  12:30 P.M-2:00 P.M

FEES: (Buy the FULL SERIES and enjoy the special discount!!)

BEGINNERS:       £16 Each class

                             £120 Full series (10 workshops)

INTERMEDIATE: £19 Each class

& ADVANCED     £160 Full series (10 workshops)

WHERE: At Battersea Spanish, Units 120, 99-109, 121 Lavender Hill,

Battersea Business Centre, London SW11 5QL

DATES: (One workshop per month)


15/09/2019: BULERIAS


20/10/2019: TANGOS


17/11/2019: GUAJIRA WITH HAND FAN (There will be a limited number of fans for the students to practice on the day,      please make sure to reserve yours in advance if needed)




19/01/2020: SOLEARES WITH FLAMENCO SHAWL (MANTON DE MANILA) (There will be a limited number of shawls for      the students to practice on the day, please make sure to reserve yours in advance if needed)


16/02/2020: ALEGRIAS


15/03/2020: FLAMENCO SKIRT TECHNIQUE -Beginners only-

BATA DE COLA (LONG TRAIN SKIRT) -Intermediate and advanced levels- (Course only suitable for students                      with a long train skirt, regrettably is impossible to provide spare skirts for the class)


19/04/2020: SEVILLANAS (Get ready for the Feria!)


17/05/2020: CASTANETS TECHNIQUE -Beginners only- (There will be a limited number of castanets for the students to      practice on the   day, please make sure to reserve yours in advance if needed)

CASTANETS TECHNIQUE AND CLASSICAL SPANISH DANCE-Intermediate and advanced levels only-


21/06/2020: “FLAMENCO FIESTA” BULERIAS AND RUMBAS -End of intensive workshop series-


You can kick-start learning Flamenco from today with Maria on her YouTube channel. Join the “Open Flamenco Project” here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL56ysuOcl9974Q9BOeQjag

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© 2019 Maria Vega, Flamenco dancer in London. Contact: mariavegadancer@gmail.com